Arctos Stealth Jacket

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  • Multi-season hybrid insulated jacket designed for the active backpack hunter
  • Recommended for winter or cold weather wear only when layered with heavy undergarments, such as the Arctos BH Short Sleeved Vest, or with shells
  • Emerge 2.0© camo pattern
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • YKK #5 zippers
  • Body & “Pack” mapped insulation, only where you need it
  • Torso ladder pocket system (Patent Pending) for ultimate access
  • Exterior Access pockets
  • Wrist top access cuff (Patent Pending)
  • 100 grams Primaloft® Gold Active+ synthetic insulation
  • Lightweight ripstop fabric construction
  • Removeable contoured hood


Built for the demanding active backpack hunter, this hybrid style jacket is made to move and function with you, no matter the gear that you strap on over the top.  The ultimate combination of breathability and function utilizes Primaloft Gold Active+ insulation in key areas to protect your body, while omitting it in areas that could cause excessive heating and ruin your hunt. 

With insulation in the front torso, extending up the shoulders and along the biceps, but terminating just below the shoulder blades and at the elbows, it is perfectly “Pack Mapped”.  By not carrying the insulation down the back of the body, Ursi has all but eliminated overheating due to pack heat and sweat.  Having the forearms clear of insulation provides the ultimate in freedom of movement, especially while bowhunting.

Body mapped specifically to allow underarm breathability and prevent excessive back sweat while wearing a pack.  The underarms are constructed of a light weight knit mesh to provide complete breathability.  The remaining body of the jacket utilizes lightweight ripstop for total protection.

The base of the Torso Ladder Pocket System (Patent Pending) TM is a handwarmer lined pocket that is raised on the garment to allow pack belt use; stacked above is the mid-chest zippered pockets; then crowning out the top of the chain is the Collar Bone Pocket TM.  By moving the zippers and access to the exterior of the torso, unlike other manufacturers that keep the access near the center zipper, it allows the user to access the pocket even while wearing items like a bino harness.  Cord loops are neatly tucked into the top Collar Bone Pocket TM so that you can secure items such as elk calls or even range finders.  Ultimate function, ultimate access.  Never has a pocket system been so versatile.

The Wrist Top Access Cuff (Patent Pending) is another revolutionary first.  With a double cuff design, utilizing a seam built into an inner cuff, Ursi has solved the problem of accessing watches or other wrist top devices.  Simply peel back the outer cuff and expose the device top between the lightweight knit cuffs.  Don’t blow that bull of a lifetime out just because of watch glare.  Keep it covered, keep it accessible.  And heck, even access it with gloves on!

We haven’t stopped there.  The removeable hood is also built to hunt.  The insulation is specifically mapped to provide the best hearing possible.  Keeping the head warm but allowing in as much sound as possible.  The profile of the hood is cut back to provide further sound gathering as well as excellent peripheral view.  No longer will your hood hamper your hunt!

This IS the ultimate active hunter’s jacket!  When combined with the Arctos BH Vest (Coming Soon!!) it builds the most comprehensive hunting kit available with a full 200 grams insulation throughout the entire body.

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