About Us

A Hunter’s journey is all consuming. It requires labor, resources, planning & preparing. It defines who we are as individuals. It is part of our very core. The journey defines our past, present and likely future. The opportunity to take this journey is available for everyone. “Go out and harvest game to provide sustenance”. At it’s core, the idea is simple; yet we have, over time, added more and more to our checklists. More gear, more tech, new methods; an evolution. Many times, it seems that there is too much happening, too much to control.

URSI is a veteran owned company that was born to simplify that checklist. Our goal is to provide gear that gets the job done. Gear that is functional, yet intuitive enough in design that any user can recognize the benefits. We source fabrics and textiles that perform AND feel good. Those fabrics are developed into real, usable garments. Garments that move with you, keep you warm, keep you cool, keep you dry. Garments that you can rely on to keep you in the Hunt. We want to provide a kit that fills all your needs. But most importantly we want it within financial reach of the everyday Hunter. It is our passion and goal to offer affordable gear that anyone can hang their hat on. As the hunt evolves, URSI evolves. As the checklist evolves, URSI evolves. And as URSI evolves, our passion will remain the same; our roots planted.

URSI’s founders have quite different backgrounds yet share the same beliefs. We are as diverse as Mountain Ranges, High Mountain Prairies and Western Deserts, but are united in our goals. We bow hunt, we rifle hunt, and heck, we may even just use a good old fashion knife to get the job done. We are four western hunters that are here, available for you. We are here to listen to the Hunter’s needs and develop gear based on those needs. We are here to evolve with YOU. Call us, drop us a message, let us know how WE can evolve.

Happy Hunting